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Ah... Fine Young Republicans are the backbone of this great nation. But despite what the dicks on the left would have the world believe, we are not all cookie-cuttered from white-collared, white-skined, old money, new BMW, L.L. Bean, Ivy League educated muthafuckas.

We have style.

We shop at thrift stores, Hot Topic and garage sales.

We can dance.

We curse like sailors.

We know how to start a riot.

We're straightedge.

We smoke.

We drink.

We worship mysterious pagan gods.

We have spectacular sex.

We just also carry guns, watch Fox News and vote for Republicans. Why? Because we're right. No one says you can't be both a demented, geeky, gothic freak and be dead on about economic, domestic and foreign policy!

We're all different and we're all spectacularly original, but we all have at least one thing in common...


...stereotypes suck.

Rules for Fine Young Republican

I have seen many awesome conservative community absolutely ransacked and overrun by liberal trolls and that's not going to happen here. There are rules.

First: To be in this community you have two be two things: Counter-Culture and Conservative. This is a no brainer, as this is a Counter-Culture Conservative Community. Now "counter-culture" and "conservative" can mean many things, so I'm giving people space to be who they are, but if it becomes obvious that you're a liberal or even a buttoned-up stuffy conservative, then you're going to be asked to leave. If you don't leave, you will be banned.

Second: This is not an interparty debate society. Healthy and plesant debate among fellow conservatives on everything from politics to music is accepted and encouraged, but not between liberals and conservatives. Some call this a free-speech issue. It is not. This is a freedom of association issue. The whole Mission Statement of this group is to offer a place where we can be ourselves and still be amongst people who don't force us to constantly defend our ideas. We get enough of that in our own circle of friends, and while most of us don't shy away from debate, it's tiring and annoying. I'm sick of being attacked for my politics from people who claim the high-ground on "tolerance of ideas." There are several other livejournal communities you can go to to debate politics.

Third: If you troll you get banned. But your post will not get deleted. It will be kept so we can all make fun of you.

Fourth: DO NOT bring your crappy drama to my pristine community! I don't care where the argument started. I don't care what it involves. Political debate is one thing, but personal drama and petty bickering and whining is entirely unacceptable. The instigator will be suspended or banned at my descretion.

I am a tyrant. Dem's da rules.

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