Matthew (jackstikishack) wrote in f_y_r,

Yard signs

Is anyone else finding it prohibitively difficult to get a yard sign?

I went down the the Republican 5th district HQ to buy some yard signs. I'd get them for upwards of four candidates. I'd pay $10 a pop or whatever. More for one of those awesome huge ones. But the guy says they don't sell them, they give them out in exchange for making 25 phone calls. The phone calls seem to be short surveys on how people are voting. I'd assume it helps them narrow down their call lists closer to the election or whatever, but damn. I really don't want to do that. Can't I just give them money? It seems kind of ridiculous. At least say "$25 for a sign, or 25 phone calls." That at least seems reasonable.

Is every republican district doing this, or just mine?
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