Matthew (jackstikishack) wrote in f_y_r,

Is this man crazy?

Okay, I know Democrats went through the last 8 years being embarrassed by their president, so touche, but Obama is driving me nuts.

Lets just put aside the ridiculous domestic agenda.

What the F is he doing internationally.

He completely ignores Iran, eventually eeking out some harsh language followed by...well, no action at all. Why? Well, it's none of our business, really.

But Honduras? Oh, stand back, that's our business. Country after country in South and Central America are falling to socialism and worse like dominoes (yes, I said it!), and when Honduras's president says "hey, how about we toss out the Constitution and elect me president for life or something" and Honduras's own supreme court and congress say no, and order the military to detain him for attempting a power gram of Chavez proportions, well Obama just won't stand for that, will he.

Then it's all "illegal coup" and he doesn't recognize the new president, and hey, lets throw some economic sanctions on Honduras.

Well, fuck you, Barack!
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