Matthew (jackstikishack) wrote in f_y_r,

One Week Later...

Well, it's been a week. What do you all think of Sarah Palin now?
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She should be first on the ticket
I'm perfectly fine with the ticket. They're both reformers. McCain's got the experience to lead and the chutzpah to browbeat the senate, and Palin's got the direction to keep McCain pulled to the right. Go Team.

I think that's why conservatives are so excited. One, they no longer have to live with the notion that the Republican party will move toward the center permanently. And two, they now have hope that the republican congress, which has strayed so far away from conservative principles, can get sorted back into proper, principled order.
Hey, you said give it a couple weeks.

But she seems to be generating excitement. I like her.

I just hope all of the continued "identity politics" just drop. Her daughter, her "scandals" blah blah blah. Look at her issues. Look at what she's done.

And she's pissing off liberals. Yann Wenner brutally attacked her in US Weekly, after a relatively recent glowing article about Michelle Obama. Good sign?
Same shit, different election.

We can't go around thinking things will change. The only thing that did is that liberals learned you can use the internet for more than spank porn.
Very impressed.
I'm bummed that the "flag bikini" picture (w/gun) ended up being a fake!

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