Matthew (jackstikishack) wrote in f_y_r,


I am ridicuously happy about this pick. Palin is an ass-kicker extraordinaire.

I was at the Minnesota State Fair today when it was announced. I was wearing my McCain button and three people asked me what I thought about the pick. I said it was fantastic. She's a tremendous pick. They we're all "ahh.... it'll be interesting." and I could tell they were thinking "who is Sara Palin" and all I said to them was to watch and find out. They will bask in the awesomeness too.

Already liberals in my wife's friends page are saying condescending shit like "Oh, she was only picked because she was a woman." A) definition of sexist, because they assumed being a woman is all she's got to offer. B) It's ignorant, because none of them know anything about her background, nor seem interested to find out, and C) even if it were true, how does it not say something positive about America that putting a woman or a minority on your ticket is a BENEFIT and not a hinderance.

So much racism and sexism today is coming from the left. It's fucking obscene.
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