Matthew (jackstikishack) wrote in f_y_r,


I'm coining a new term: Blueneck

It means ignorant leftist dipshit.

I was at Perkins with a friend when this gang of dipshits came in and sat near us, taking up three tables. It was an odd assortment of teens and adults so I thought it was another fraking bible group that always comes there, and we ignored them because as much as we respect Christianity as an important movement that created our modern civilization, they can be really annoying in groups.

Zach when to the can and I was sitting there when all of the sudden the adults started talking to each other. They started talking about Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents we've ever had, and I swear to God, they said (I'm paraphrasing):

- was he a profound racist
- he owned slaves himself
- though he did free the slaves of the south, he let the north keep their slaves.
- he allowed indentured servitude in the north, which is the same thing as slavery.
- indentured servitude was for a limited amount of time, but at the end the master would claim all kinds of debts the servant owed him, and he'd never be free.


- Lincoln was anti-slavery since he was a boy, as were his parents and church.
- He NEVER owned a fucking slave.
- Slavery was abolished in the North well before the Civil War. That's kinda what it was about.
- Slavery is forced bondage; indentured servitude is a voluntary contract (though it's still not a good idea)
- While there were probably jackasses, in truth an indentured servants contract not only set them free after so many years, but the master has to provide them with land, clothes, certain goods, and money.

Seriously, I'm sick of this. 95% of all hatred, bullying, and historical/cultural/political ignorance is coming from the left today.

Fucking Bluenecks.
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