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On Saturday, I happened on the anti-war march in my city. There were many signs, chants and costumes. I can respect that. Some people feel the need to get out there and show their opposition. I watched the entire parade from front to back, and it took about twelve minutes to pass.

Then I heard the numbers claimed by the police and the march organizers.

Police: 3200
Marchers: 4200

From my standpoint, I watched twelve minutes of people marching in two lanes of traffic. They were maybe six to eight people across. That means 400 - 500 rows of people wandered by in that brief time. Wha? It could be done, but I'm not buying it, this time.

My point is just to highlight another chapter in the number games we play here in the city. When we have a rally, the claimed numbers are all over the place; when they have a march, it's the same thing.

If only one side or the other could accomplish something BIG. Why can't we have tens of thousands in the streets? Why can't we have one side or the other win a landslide election? Why can't a million --blank-- march have a two million person turnout?

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