vnsplshr (vnsplshr) wrote in f_y_r,

Happy 2006

"Happy New Year", from the new fella.

I'm one of the few conservatives amongst the darksiders of Minneapolis. I
found this community while trying to replace the feeling I got from being
a member at (now dead).

Minneapolis is a hotbed of the "hip-to-be-lefty" lifestyle. If you dress
a little granola, or a wear a little black, and you add in a "Not My
President" button or "Re-Unelect Bush" t-shirt, you can blend right in. In
all this "anti-only" lopsidedness, I can't see what anyone is "for". And
they seem so sad. Bitter, mopey and sad.

I'm happy on the right, but then I'm said to be "deceived" or a "dittohead".


Anyway... hi all.

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