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Laughing at the spin

Good Morning America gave me a good laugh this morning. I was watching the scroll on the bottom as I waited for coffee to brew. The scroll reported the analysis of some French official of the previous night's riots.

"With under 100 cars burned and only 33 arrests last night our country is now normal."

France normal? So the unrest has fallen to a level they feel they can tolerate? Will the rioters still succeed in bringing down Chiraq's government? Baghdad has fewer incidents nightly and the press considers that a quagmire.

I take the news with a different light. Despite the best intentions of the police to get along with the rioters the immigrants still are revolting yet at a lower volume than recently. Perhaps it was too much like real work and the unemployed teens got bored. But the Government knows and the French Iman's do as well that they could still rise up at any time unless they are well supplied with Bread and Circus to distract them with.
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